Funny Girls

Do not be mistaken, Funny Girls is in the centre of Blackpool, and strives off the customer satisfaction levels, winning for the fifth year in a row the award 'Certificate of Excellence from Trip advisor' proves how dedicated they are to giving us their all, there's not much more to say than, this is Blackpool's number one nightlife scene.

Taking us out of this world, to escape into a much different world, a place of laughter, dazzling extravagance, and our favourite, glitz and glamour!
If you want to enjoy a magical evening, this will be the best place to go, you have the choice of standing in the main area, or booking a VIP booth, also delve into a great meal while you enjoy the show, this venue has everything you could ask for, within reason!

You'll always be seeing something new with these Funny Girls, DJ Zoe will be guiding you throughout the night, bringing the musical theme alive as your hostess, and for something even more new, Scarlett.
Scarlett is the newest addition to the Funny Girls family, an average five foot eight, but yet something seems intriguing about her, after discovering her favourite film is Mean Girls, it enticed me into assuming what kind of atmosphere she would bring to the venue, as we can agree it is a lively place already, we hope that she settles in nicely, and the showgirls continue to bring us outstanding live performances.

No one needs reminding by now, that Funny Girls is in the centre of town, close to all amenities, marked as the number one venue for nightlife, it is a must to see one of their shows, for a B&B/BBEM/hotel close by check in to the Belvedere Hotel, have a nice summer in Blackpool this year! 2015