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Funny Girls

Do not be mistaken, Funny Girls is in the centre of Blackpool, and strives off the customer satisfaction levels, winning for the fifth year in a row the award 'Certificate of Excellence from Trip advisor' proves how dedicated they are to giving us their all, there's not much more to say than, this is Blackpool's number one nightlife scene.

Serene Summer Specials

It's the summer holidays, your kids are off school for six weeks and you need to keep them entertained; so what do you do? You take them on holiday.
Whether it's a long-weekend break or a full week of family fun, a lot of you will be planning your summer holiday right about now; but where should you take them?

Do we spend more time on technology than sleeping?

Eight hours and 41 minutes; the average amount of time a Briton will spend on a media or communication device (basically anything digital). This amounts to over 50% of average waking hours, and is greater than the eight hours and 21 minutes the average Brit spends on sleep.

The Dawn of 30 million minutes

The Vicar of Dibley, Australia’s got Talent and even Harry Potter; they al have something, or rather, someone, in common.

Dawn French, a successful comedienne and actress, has stared in numerous television series, movies and theatrical productions during her impressive 30-year career; but now the 56 year old is embarking on a new adventure.

Sting; the downfall of Woolworths.

How do you usually make your purchases? If you’re like the other 95% of the British population, you do it online.

Breakfast in bed on a chilly Sunday morning, snuggled on the sofa with that much needed cuppa and a dose of Corrie (or whatever you’re into), or even during your daily commute to work; that new gadget, dress or children’s toy is just a click away.

"They're coming!" "who are coming?" "The Zombies are coming!"

We've all heard about the unfortunate Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the two American citizens recently shipped back to the US for treatment (who are said to be responding positively to the ‘experimental cocktail’ of drugs administered). As the social media explosion would suggest, some people are getting worried about what this outbreak means in terms of a potential full-blown pandemic, while others are... well, let’s say they have some rather vivid imaginations.

Blackpool's musical summer; Battle of the Bands

A lot of you have likely heard of this weekend’s Rebellion Festival, which is quite a well-known Summer event,but I should probably tell you about the second music-related event to be in full-swing this August; the one that you're less likely to already know about.

The Blue Room, situated on Church street, Blackpool, has been holding heats for their Battle of the Bands competition over the last couple of months; and on Wednesday 7th August 2014 we will see the finalists battle it out on-stage to win the £1000 prize money and day’s studio recording.

The Hottest deals in town

Blackpool is famous for its attractions; the SeaLife Centre, Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds, and of course it’s golden sandy beaches and abundance of Mr. Whippy. Now, I've yet to meet such a person who doesn't enjoy a good summer’s stroll down the beach with a Mr. Whippy in one hand and a bag of chips in the other; but that’s not all Blackpool has to offer.

Mamma Mia! Ticket Offer

Surely you’ve already heard all about the 12 week west-end spectacular that is currently showing at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens Opera House? That’s right; it’s more Mamma Mia news.

Blackpool; helping you find work.

Unemployment is at a depressingly high percentage in some areas of our beloved seaside town, with JSA-generated figured at 6.2%, which is almost twice the national average for unemployment.

A seasonal seaside town, full of ice-cream stalls, hotels and attractions can be a great place for summer opportunities; but all year round our young people leave college or university only to find that there's not enough permanent employment to go around.